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The 1st GENIE* Forum will be held in Jeollabuk-do’s Jeonju, a city thriving in Korean tradition and culture.

* Global Emerging Netwok in Economy

Held under the theme ‘Building a Global Emerging Network in Economy for Regional Innovative Growth,’ this gathering of esteemed global leaders will provide opportunities for new challenges where Korea’s new economic growth engine will be unfolded.

The 1st GENIE Forum will be a venue to present new milestones to pioneers in global finance, and to provide support for investment attraction in the areas of the 4th future industry and climate environment technology. SMEs leading balanced development will meet outstanding local talents online in real time, social innovators and culture designers will put on innovative performances and Korean Wave cultural events will be held.

We hope the forum will be a meaningful platform for all participants, where we will map out a clear blueprint of Korea’s future and take a new leap forward together.

GENIE Forum Organizing Committee